Group Facilitation

Providing a simple, powerful method to bring about purposeful and effective discussion on matters of importance where people can engage deeply, talk openly, with the time and space needed to discuss issues productively.

Process accommodates groups of all sizes with a diversity of opinions and topics of varying degrees of challenge and complexity. Resulting in a process that supports positive transformation, focused productivity, inspires solutions that are creative and innovative, and improves and enhances group collaboration and communication. It is a process that allows people to voice their passions and concerns, learn from one another, have healthy conflict and disagreement that benefits the group beyond the event itself.

This process is useful in various contexts including strategic planning, vision casting, policy making, conflict resolution, morale building, stakeholder engagement, community input or in any scenario in which collaboration and learning about differing issues and perspectives are needed. This process is not useful for groups who already have a predetermined outcome in mind and are unwilling to change their perspectives.