Whenever we talk about personal development, there is a tension between wanting to understand ourselves, which opens us up to feeling vulnerable, and yet wanting to remain invulnerable to stay protected.

Each of these seminars are designed to introduce people to a framework that provides an emotionally safe method for seeing one’s behavior objectively as well as the underlying defensive thinking patterns that cause it. As we examine patterns of behavior and their common causes, it allows individuals to appreciate that their difficulties are not isolated and unique to them. This allows them to see themselves in a more compassionate light and realize that their pattern is just a pattern, not who they really are. As they learn to look at themselves more objectively, they feel less need for defenses and walls in their relationships allowing them to be more open to experiences and enjoying life.

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This seminar/workshop is for people who are currently in or desire to attain leadership positions. The greatest quality a leader can have is self-awareness. Understanding your leadership style, what drives and motivates you, is essential to leading people and bringing out their best. Often leaders can feel the need to have to be everything, know everything, and do everything which is impossible and unhealthy. You’ll learn how to live in a more relaxed and intentional state of being rather than reacting instinctively and impulsively to stressful situations. And you will be better able to manage relationship dynamics within your organization.


This seminar/workshop is for individuals and couples who want to better understand one another. It’s not about discovering how to be compatible or if you are compatible; it’s about increasing understanding, empathy, and communication. The gift that comes from understanding is that you can then more easily begin to see situations from their perspective and because you can see that theirs is as valid as your own, you choose to look for solutions rather than defend your perspective. Most arguments seem to center around proving that one’s perspective is superior to the other’s. Communication becomes more effective and simplified with greater understanding.


This seminar/workshop is designed to help parents gain awareness of their thinking patterns and how it motivates the way they parent and interact with their children. It will help you to understand how you developed your style of thinking and how you influence your child’s so that you are better able to guide your children into adulthood and prepare them to for having healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Personal Development

This seminar/workshop is designed for individuals who want to grow in their knowledge and understanding of themselves in order to have better and healthier relationships and live more balanced lives. It provides you with deeper insight into your defense mechanisms, how you deal with adversity and stress and what makes you feel protected and safe.

Young Adult

This seminar/workshop is for mature teens and young adults who are transitioning into adulthood and wanting to find their place in the world as well as who they are. Sometimes in the transition into adulthood there is conflict between parents and young adults due to the desire for independence and distinctness on the one hand and yet still maintain connection and community on the other. This seminar can help by providing insight for young people into their thinking patterns that are part of the natural maturation process and provide them with a greater sense of identity.